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  • Just want to respectfully express my gratitude to Goddess Queenie again for managing this course – Goddess is certainly a champion and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity and privilege not only to have submitted assignments to Goddess Queenie … but to have met Goddess Queenie.

    I respectfully and humbly request Goddess Queenie to kindly – if at all possible – consider allowing us [students of Goddess’s first completed course] “observer status” on the already established Facebook site … during Goddess’s future similar courses.

    This possible huge favour from Goddess Queenie will further enrich our lives as male submissives and provide additional crucial information for us to internalize and act upon. It will also maintain our biblical cord connection with Goddess Queenie … as I have no doubt in my mind that every single one of us first pioneer male submissives are following Goddess Queenie’s deliberations enthusiastically as we are all simply in awe of Goddess Queenie.

    Thank You so much Wonderful Goddess Queenie.

    • No. The private Facebook group is for students only.

  • It’s an interesting array of responses, proof that there is no single one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter poster couple to model the ‘perfect’ Female Led Relationship. Thankfully, we’re all unique. I’m sure any ‘beginners’ amongst the participants gained something from the experience. For a young unattached male in search of an empowered Goddess to serve and support it can seem like a steep formidable climb. Just to know that there are many of us who care must surely be heartening.

    Just a few observations (and I didn’t do the course, so I may be talking out of school, in which case I expect to be reprimanded) … simply some differences from what my Lady would find acceptable. That’s all they are, no right or wrong, just differences. My Lady would not stand for one moment me fawning over her in an attempt to get her to change her mind after she had already given me an unambiguous directive. I’ll leave it at that.

    I am required to practise orgasm control, although not with a device, and I agree that it can be powerful aspect to a FLR. My Lady prefers to witness my unconditional surrender to her slightest wishes and whims.

    There’s more, but I must go. I hope what I have written provokes thought and discussion.

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