4 Responses to “The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #5

  • Thank You for these challenges, they are very useful in helping me to become a more devoted and obedient man. Fort his challenge, i will do an honest assessment of my current physical condition, educational and cultural activities and establish specific goals to improve in these areas.

  • Thank You for this challenge. i have always worked to keep my body in shape for my wife and my health but primarily i want Her to be proud of me. i am reitred and keep the house and garden clean and beautiful. i will think of ways to make Her life better

  • I am thinking of taking cooking class
    To make good and delicious meals for my wife

  • Becoming a better me is a great outlook. I also find this article enriching in my role as a loving and obedient husband. The confidence I have as a person increases the confidence she has in me as her submissive. Seems as I grow as a FLR man her confidence in me grows.The growth of her in me leads us into a deeper love and understand. Seems to lead us into paradise.

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