6 Responses to “I Am Happy Being A Servant To My Wife

  • It’s wonderful that Jane has been able to find her own rhythm in the relationship without any coercion from you. Yes, there have been subtle hints, but Jane has been confident enough to embrace them or dismiss them according to how she sees fit.

    As for her dating other men. If she chooses to do so, she will need to be a hundred per cent confident that she can depend on your support and fidelity. It is a big decision and the two of you should discuss it at length. You may think you know all there is to know about openness and honest but, believe me, it takes on a whole extra dimension if and when her lover become a reality. Wait till you hear that first knock on the door when he arrives to take her out! Be warned: Be VERY careful what you wish for. And she will need as much time as it takes. She was thoughtful and selective about choosing you, she will need to be equally so about taking a lover, especially if you both want it to develop into a long-term relationship.

    I hope it all works out for you and for Jane, it can make an already beautiful FLR even more so.

  • Thanks so much for your thoughtful response. I agree with you on all fronts. I’m focused now on surrendering control to her, so whether she will take the dating path or not is something I will leave with her for now. While she very much enjoys sharing fantasies about it (and, quite frankly, I think enjoys teasing me with that), I think she’s very unlikely ever to want to pursue it. If so, I must accept her decision.

    I’m more optimistic that she may grant my wish for physical discipline. While she isn’t into giving that, she does seem to be fine having my punishment doled out by a pro domme whom we both know and trust. I must remember that it’s her decision, but I’m excited and hopeful.

  • listen as submissive man my self keep your wife to your self do not make her or want her to have any other males servents but you

    it will destory every thing so just server your wife

  • Sharing such as this helps me keep hope alive that my Knight is out there seeking his Queen.

  • John,

    It is not yourself but your wife who should decide if she wants to be served by only you or other males as well. So selfish of you.

  • It is not you who decides whether your wife should date other men or not or to punish you publicly or not. You can have your own wishes but you should gradually train yourself to limit your wishes just to see her satisfied. She should be the only one who decides how she gets this satisfaction.

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