4 Responses to “He Wants To Be The Source of My Happiness

  • I totally agree, every woman should be superior over a man.

  • I hope you are able to share more stories from what is obviously a healthy and creative FLR. Like all competent leaders, you are able to delegate certain responsibilities and tasks to your partner that don’t require your continuous attention and that you feel lie within his capabilities. The trust shown in him and the opportunity to perform duties to your high standard will doubtlessly boost his self-confidence, which in turn will drive his will to please you.

    You both seem to have eased into your respective roles naturally and his service to you is bringing you both great joy. May your relationship continue to strengthen.

    I once heard a rumour that I might be pussy-whipped … I immediately took it as a compliment, it sounded like heaven was where I always suspected it might be, a lot nearer than I thought!

  • Congratulations on what sounds like a great relationship. You two really complement each other’s strengths. I’ve recently been learning about FLR and gradually working it into my life with my wife and your marriage seems to be an awesome example of a successful FLR. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Another article bookmarked.

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