7 Responses to “Are You Hoping For A FLR Because You Want To Be Rejected and Restricted?

  • Hi Queenie. i always look forward to your posts and like to read them. as far as this post is concerned i guess you’re right that a man who’s hoping for an FLR because he want to rejected and restricted does not qualify to be on conquer him (with love). but there is a thin line between a normal loving FLR and a femdom FLR and most often than not somewhere down the line it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the two. so it is my view that even if a man does want to be rejected or restricted he should not be left out of being a part of this loving FLR as he will gradually and ultimately understand the difference between the two. also the onus would be on his Wife or partner to teach him, train him and guide him along the path lovingly and authoritatively and he will surely learn from Her.

    • Hi. It’s not that he does not qualify to be here, a man who requires service from a woman to meet his masochistic kinks is simply not the type of man women in this specific audience want. Strong women want partners not someone they have to chastise consistently. It takes away from the time that could be spent achieving other goals. Every time I introduce this concept to women they think I am offering them a man child. I try to tell them that these men are heroes, not children. Yet I still receive mail from men describing their masochistic fantasties.

      • Hi thanks for your reply. as you know men will be men. so i think you should let them be.they really need some disciplining.

        • It makes me nervous to know that the kind of men I uphold as examples of what a Loving FLR should be like are extremely rare. Sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my time with this since most men who contact me are sharing fantasies of being abused and disrespected. I am introducing this concept of a Loving FLR to vanilla women and I do not want them to be scared off by men who believe the strength of a woman is equated to being brutal.

          • I don’t think that you should worry too much about that because the fact of the matter is that no Woman is so weak as to be scared off by men who believe the strength of a Woman is equated to being brutal. and if some of the men do believe that way it’s not your fault. you’re doing a damn good job. keep going at it.

          • It does not take a strong person to be brutal. I know women who can command a whole room with a call but firm voice.

            I can see why woman would be off put by the concept of a submissive man. I personally have viewed a lot of sub men as nothing more then a man child who do nothing more than top from the bottom.

            I do not see how you can love some one you are also rejecting.

  • FLR is like any relationship, it won’t work if there is not mutual respect between the people involved. I could never be a puppet nor would I be attracted to a woman who wants one.

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