How To Start Being a Dominant Woman

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Many women express frustration over how to move from being the one who carries the weight of the happiness in the relationship to being a woman who dominates a relationship with love.

There are a few key ways to step out of the box that society has placed you in and start creating more fulfilling interactions with others and start honoring yourself as a Goddess.

1. Stop thinking you owe people the benefit of the doubt. It’s your world. You are the Goddess. If your intuition says a person is not good for you, don’t doubt it because you feel that you may be wrong about their intentions. It’s okay to decide you don’t want someone in your life. It’s okay to let go of situations or relationships that are not pleasing to you. You don’t owe anyone anything. Act like a Goddess, make a firm decision and stick with it.

2. Stop going out of your way to make others happy. It is not your job to ensure the happiness of everyone around you. In case you have not noticed, people are self centered and there is nothing wrong with that. You are the center of your universe. If it causes you grief to put a smile on someone’s face, don’t do it. Their happiness is their responsibility.

3. Stop asking for permission to be great. Who is the person who decides what you will become and how far you can go? If you answered someone else you are completely giving away your power. You decide. You are your own authority. When you make a decision to be awesome and go for it, no one can stop you unless you decide they can.

4. Stop telling people NO when they want to do things for you. Service is an act of love. You are limiting the flow of love into your life when you convince yourself that you should do everything in your life by yourself. When someone offers you a helping hand, accept it. When someone wants to be sweet to you and take care of an errand or a task, allow them. They are offering you love through their service to you. Accept it.

5. Stop giving men second and third chances when they fuck up. How many times must your driver crash the car before you decide you won’t be riding with them anymore? When you give men multiple opportunities to hurt you or disrespect you, you aren’t saving the relationship, you are teaching him not to respect you. Express your expectations and if the man does not meet them, move on. You will find someone who will make it a priority to make you happy.

6. Stop believing that you have to be a ‘Lady’ at all times. Ladies are meek. Ladies follow the rules. Goddesses don’t. Goddesses create the rules for others. Goddesses live by their own rules. It’s perfectly acceptable to break the rules or create new rules for yourself. No one is judging you but you. You can’t fail if you are the woman writing the test. Be who you are!

7. Stop caring that others are judging you. They may whisper. In fact, they will whisper when they see that you are living life on your own terms. Accept that their tongues will wag and they will resent you. Acknowledge it as a symbol of your greatness. No one cares about a woman who follows the crowd but everyone has an opinion about the woman leading it.

8. Stop doubting yourself. You were born with an innate ability to lead yourself. Somewhere along the line someone made you feel guilty about expressing your natural feelings or choices but you need to let that go.  Every great mind that has ever existed was made of the same matter that yours is made of. If they can make decisions and change the world, so can you. You can recover from any loss so take a risk, make a move and be bold for your dreams. You never know, anything can happen.

9. Stop holding your tongue when you don’t like something. If your standards are not being met, you need to express it immediately. You don’t have to be brutal or rude, but you do need to say it out loud to the person who is offending you. This is your world. If someone refuses to meet your standards, dismiss them from your life. You can’t control others but you can give them proper instructions for how to please you and leave it up to them whether or not they want to remain in your good favor.

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4 Responses to “How To Start Being a Dominant Woman

  • Great advice related to “How to start being a Dominant Woman” ! I believe these 9 points could be applied to both the FLR Homefront and the FLC (Female Led Career) work path as well…

    Wonderful points that every FLR male should understand and support their Goddesses with as well.

  • I love this.

    I’ve read other articles from other female-empowering websites and never felt this positive. I am interested in the FLR Leadership Program but can’t honestly afford it now. But I’ll continue absorbing all the information here and applying it to my daily life. Thank you, Queenie.

  • A powerful article.

    This list is very similar to a list one might create if one were writing a list on how not to be codependent. Don’t look to others for self value or validation. Learn that it is okay not to do everything for yourself (allow others to do for you). Develop and maintain appropriate boundaries. Respond instead of react. To thine own self be true.

  • Great article i really enjoyed reading it.

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