8 Responses to “I Am A Lady, Not a Mistress

  • Love this, a woman should be treated like a lady and a man should be able to meet her every need. A man needs to meet her every desire and make her happy.

  • Language is important,. That being said why do you prefer the term Lady when you yourself define a lady as a political bargaining chip. ladies of the court were not handed over for marriage to the worthy men, but the ones who’s alliances were important. I believe all women should refer to and ask to be referred to a by a title that makes them feel beautiful or powerful or hopefully both. Linguistics is tricky as most terms have derogatory as well as their original definitions.

  • To me, Lady is a beautiful name, conjures up images of a woman so profoundly confident in her right to be worshipped and adored.

    The Lady of our FLR certainly possesses all those qualities and more.

    I agree with Tamysen, a woman should choose a title that makes her feel beautiful and powerful.

    My Lady likes her young lover to call her Goddess. It clarifies her position to him, reminds him that she is entitled to his worship

  • I seriously never really gave this much thought before, but when I first met my boy who is also now my husband, I insisted that he not call me Mistress, but Princess. On closer inspection I believe it was because the word Mistress always reminded me of a woman who played second fiddle to a man’s wife and I just didn’t want to be associated with that. I didn’t want what he referred to me as to be associated with someone whose purpose was to make the man happy, when I wanted things to be the other way around.

    So I was always adamant that he treat me like a princess and I guess the title just stuck. He doesn’t even call me by my real name anymore, and I rarely call him by his real name, just his pet name which is subbie. And quite honestly, I like it that way.

  • Excellent article and very true! The term “Mistress” has too many negative implications and just does not do justice to a Superior Goddess in a FLR. I humbly support the expressed sentiments of both “The Princess” and “Lady Alpha Myan.”

    As a true male submissive I simply concur with Your strong, substantial views and clear opinions on this … would be a huge honour to serve and adore two Superior Amazing Females such as “The Princess” and Lady Alpha Myan.

  • My husband calls me Honey. Mistress is not reflects our relationship. We have so much love for each other. We are in a female centric relationship, and he is strongly trying to satisfy my needs. He enjoys doing it, when he preparing dinner and when we have a long cunnilingus.
    I like that word Honey.

  • My Queen wants me to address her by her first name. And upon reading in previous posts this is a good idea, She owns me .

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