3 Responses to “I Am The Ultimate Decision Maker

  • Thank you for this enjoyable article. It has a nice focus and gives a much more balanced and “doable” version of FLR than is promoted on some sites. I particularly liked these phrases.

    Each FLR is individually established.
    …decisions are easier since one person is ultimately in charge
    The man is not usually considered to be inferior by either partner.
    …the gentleman is giving of himself…

    Thank you and well done.

  • Though your relationship is NOT biblical, and he needs to grow a pair and take over being the dominant roll as God designed him to do, it is your relationship and you have to answer to God for it. But Dude, as I said, learn the way it should be and be the head as God intended men to be. Take your balls out of the jar and put them on. She is to submit to you. Good Lord what a joke.

  • Very true.

    We are in our 2nd contract (every flr / dd has ups and downs it seems) And the harmony of our home is better than ever. Less arguing, more attentiveness and loving atmosphere has come after a few weeks of falling back into our roles. The structure keeps everything in tact.

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