3 Responses to “I Have Always Yearned To Be A Submissive Man

  • I love being submissive to women, anything they tell me to do I will do it. Women should be in control over men because they are more superior than men.

  • It beats me why some people equate submissiveness to a dominant woman with weakness. It’s actually indicative of strength of character. To want to serve, care for, protect, encourage, love, adore and respect a woman means you’re probably firing on all cylinders. After all, it’s why we’re here. I guess some folks are slow to catch up.

    I enjoyed your story, I hope there’s more. Good luck finding a dominant woman who allows you to serve her well and who appreciates you as much as you do her.

  • Women of the suffrage movement,mothers/great grand mothers,
    first, second and third wave feminist have fought furiously and continue to empower the female gender. The millenial women deserve a standing ovation for being the generation of women that have surpassed males in attaining college degree,bachelors, masters and graduate degrees. The statistics indicate the trend is accelerating, while males are regressing and becoming stagnant. Women are exposing males for what they are “The Weaker Sex” women now own the title of breadwinner,head of house, boss woman at work, most educated and she wears the pants. Meanwhile males are filling in jobs that women no longer do, like service oriented domestic work, househusbands, secretarial and janitorial. Submissive males in the near future will be as plentiful as cell phones and female handbags !! Submissive beta males will be in high demand for all the world to see the end results of the former patriarchal legacy, replaced with Matriarchy, without firing a shot, or massing an army !! Now that’s female power.

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