6 Responses to “I Happily Took My Wife’s Last Name

  • Such a truly lovely relationship!! Kudos to your Superior Wife and you!!

  • I was so pleased to read this as I did the same – I can’t say that my Mother was pleased; it’s difficult trying to explain that your life and your body is not your own anymore, it belongs to someone else and taking their name is an excellent way of showing the world how devoted you are.

    My wife has always considered taking it one step further, and has thought long and hard about changing my Christian name as well. She likes the idea of something androgynous, or something that is a derivative of her own name. Of course, I will accept whatever is asked of me and be grateful for it, but again, it can be difficult where family is concerned.

    You sound like a wonderful couple, your acknowledgement of her superiority is heartwarming

  • Yes what a beautiful relationship you are in. I aspire to be in one myself. It’s great to know these relationships do exist. Taking her name is ultimate submission. Why not all that matter is both of your happiness. I love the way you are accepting of her decisions knowing they are hers, therefore never wrong. And chastity you wear willingly as she desires.
    So Hot!

  • My fiance and I have been in an FLR relationship during our two year engagement. We’ll be marrying this coming spring (2016). She’s Japanese and I’m a Blond, blue-eyed all American male. I’ll be taking her last name, and I know some will be confused because my Japanese name won’t fit my appearance, but that’s ok. I’m excited and looking forward to it.

  • I love this story. I just wonder, since he mentioned that men cheat, how he would feel if she had more than one man? She may not ever want that, but just wondering about his feelings if she did want a few other men too? Would he consider that ‘cheating’?

  • I would think that taking the wife’s last name is a condition of a Female Led Marriage. I would take my wife’s last name in a FLM.

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