One Response to “I Want to Accept A Woman’s Superiority

  • Nendo,
    My story is very much like Yours. There is a site called collar space where You can find a Woman looking for submissive men. Be advised though that there are a lot of flakes and liars on there that pretend and waste the time of real female dominants so you must be willing to go the extra mile to gain ones attention. I have recently met a very dominant Woman on there and I could tell that She thought I was playing Her like the other men have… I ended up offering to lock myself in chastity and mail Her the keys to it. She accepted my offer of sincerity and began talking to me.. Today, She came back with- I am looking for a total slave to own for life with no way out, so if You are willing to make such a commitment I was to give her the names and addresses of all of my friends and family and to include pictures of me nude. She said that She will never use blackmail to make sure I obey Her and that She will not hesitate to send pictures and my words begging Her to allow me to serve Her… I could not refuse Her demand as I have known forever, like You, this is what I truly need in life… I have since learned that She is even more dominant and controlling than I had imagined. She is a sadist and I can tell She means exactly what She says. I will be with Her very soon, and I no longer have a choice… If You truly want and need this lifestyle, You will have to be willing to prove yourself to them..
    Good luck to you!!

    slave todd

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