8 Responses to “Introducing The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #1

  • No one else has taken up this challenge? Whelp… I will let you know how this one goes for me…

  • I guess right now it might be a little too early (but since I don’t see any OTHER comments) I have taken up this challenge to mention FLRs to 3 ladies I know – my wife, a former co-worker, and a third lady that I have only emailed with so far.
    I don’t know yet if they had heard of this concept before. I can’t actually say that I agree with the concept (and I don’t know ALL of its details yet either) but I like* what i’ve read so far…

    a *WEIRD* note – the first time I typed “like” my fingers actually typed “love” instead, and on the second try, it was “live”… whatev’s… <3

    • GOOD LUCK!!! Remember that you are offering these ladies a gift that could change their lives forever!

  • I proposed all these items to my wife long time ago. In fact she liked the idea of FLR and we are proceeding well now.

  • I have been dating a woman since the middle of March. She is leaving on a trip to Pennsylvania soon, so I suggested she look at while away and perhaps we might discuss the possibility.

  • Funny; I did this earlier today. I had not read the challenge yet. I am doing research into this lifestyle and was reading some other material when a lady at a table next to me asked what I was reading. I explained and showed her some articles and blogs. She seemed to be amused at the direction of what I was looking into.

  • Just recently these words of encouragement were given to a woman who was down and out, due to bad decision on her ex’s part. With me telling her how empowering she is and how fortunate a man would be to serve her. Changed her outlook and she is embracing herself and facing it head on. Recommended in her next relationship she needs to be catered too. She replied my father treated my mom as a queen, they were so happy. She said she thought he was weird, but now she sees the power of being the dominate woman in the relationship. Hopefully she will choose the right man to serve and obey her.

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