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  • Since my wife started cuckolding me, I have been made to wear lingerie and, on occasions, make-up and ear-rings. Initially, I found this to be totally humiliating and even degrading. I tried to resists but my wife and her lovers insisted and, eventually I began to not only sub,it but also enjoy putting on a pair of lace panties or pulling up sheer thigh-high stockings.

    I am now completely under the control of my wife and her lovers.

    It is exhilarating, arousing and yet makes me feel so helpless.

    • You are not participating in anything that you don’t want to be a part of. You are an adult living in a free country. You may pretend like you are being controlled but you are participating willingly. Be honest with yourself. You enjoy everything that is going on. If she were stabbing you in the neck everyday and you hated it, you would leave her. You like this. This is your kink.

      • Whenever I see the word “normal” being debated, I usually, instinctively roll my eyes and anticipate a needless debate about what normal actually is.

        So very nicely said!!!

  • i am very dominant and am a control freak in my regular life, but can only get off sexually if i am being dominated by a womanly woman. i am attracted to a feminine woman that likes to submit in her daily life, but in the bedroom finds a huge release in dominating me. with that said, i would not want forced fem unless it was only kept in the bedroom because i crave control in my daily life and being forced to be feminine in my daily life would be a loss of control for me so i wouldnt like it. how many others are like this? like very dominant in daily life, but very submissive in bedroom. or for women, very submissive in daily life, but very dominant in the bedroom. i am really looking on finding people that share this idea. is there anyone out there that thinks people are the opposite what they are in their lifestyle, than as what they are in the bedroom? i believe this is how it works for bdsm

  • Forced fem. and pegging are definitely not normal or healthy.

  • But here’s the thing; as a well-trained submissive male and the training is real btw ) it’s almost impossible to say “no”. No, I’ve never been pegged or feminized but if She were to demand such COULD I say no? As a male who believes in matriarchy and obedience to the Woman in authority over me it would be hard. That’s why: be careful who you serve. Now discipline is necessary. The last time I needed correction she ordered me to the bedroom and had a riding crop in one hand and a knotted cat ‘o nine in the other Just 2 mins. was enough to get my mind right. After with tears in my eyes I kissed Her feet and begged to be forgiven. She said it was partially Her fault. “Spare the whip, spoil the husband” is so true. A little discipline and he’ll know his place ( at Her feet-silent or massaging and kissing-awaiting Her next command ) for some time.

  • Normal is as normal does. My Mistress wife will occasionally have me wear panties under my normal clothes because thinking about it makes HER happy. We have talked about it and no, neither of us has any desire to attempt to turn me into a girly gurl because it is not who I am and it is not what is attractive about me to my Wife. That being said, there are times when she likes to see me in the demure, vulnerable role that a gurl in panties might depict and as such, will instruct me to don panties accordingly.

    It’s about what she wants …. yes? You made a great point in an earlier comment …. ” If she were stabbing you in the neck everyday and you hated it, you would leave her. You like this. This is your kink”

    Exactly right. We all need to stop worrying about defining what normal is.

  • For some it can be considered normal. It depends on the individual. But for a “typical” FLR I’d say it’s not normal. It’s either used for kink or for ego deflation.

  • When I lived in NY I occasionally read Dominant Mystique. I remember one story of a goth Domme in Buffalo who owned a few slaves. She made them all shave all their hair off-except the top of their heads-wear thigh-high stockings, slave collars ( naturally ) and hoods. I have to admit; the level of control was very impressive.

    • That wasn’t really control. Think about it. If she was stabbing them in the neck each day, they would have left. They were willing participants because that is their kink. No man does anything kinky that he does not overtly/secretly want to do. Everyone involved in control/slave play is just playing out a role- willingly.

  • Early in our relationship, my wife knew I had a “thing” for soft lingerie. As we grew in our FLR, she suggested I wear feminine panties, to “remind” me of our choice to live this life. At first it seemed like a kink, but, after a dozen years or so of wearing panties that are, frankly, prettier than hers, it’s just part of the wardrobe.

    However, when I’m out of town, for example, or changing clothes at the gym, my feminine undies remind me who leads our relationship and my role in it….my willing role. This is especially true when I’ve earned a spanking and she tells me to “lower your panties, dear.”

    So, no, I’ve never been forced into wearing lingerie (I love the fall and winter when I’m able to wear a soft camisole under my sweaters!) But it does help me remember I’ve chosen this role in our relationship.

    Thanks, Queenie, for your kind guidance!

  • What do I do I am a sub male but my wife won’t take tha position of dom and run with it she is a very good dom from the few times she did take the reigns what can I do to make her be more dominating I cross dress because o want to be treated like her bitch .I wear makeup stockings garter belt even a lil black dress do my nails even bought me a pair of stellito 6 hills to wear for her and I won’t lie they all combined make me feel sexy as hell but she don’t like it I’m to the point where I will get all dolled up an go to the store an pump gas as a woman it thrills me to show off to others like i might wear regular cloths to dollar store except for t high high stockings and my 6 in hills and just walk around like a woman until I know all in store have seen me and start snickering an laughing that really makes me horney what should I do please help

    • If she does not like that you cross dress. Find someone else who does. In a Loving FLR, you are supposed to respect what SHE WANTS. If that is too difficult for you, you don’t want a Loving FLR, you want femdom, so pay someone for it.

  • In extreme forms of level 4 FLRs it can become common in some relationships.

  • I completely reject forced feminization because I refuse to consider feminity as humiliation/punishment…it is an honor and privilege to be feminine. It is a wonderful and powerful thing not degrading or weak. Using feminization as a way to provoke submission is paradoxical to all that FLR means.

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