4 Responses to “Join Us for FLR Fridays! Our Online Social Event

  • Pity, I’ll be on the road so I can’t make it for the inaugural edition. Count us in for the next one, though!

  • Greetings to my fellow FLR friends .
    My name is Steve I’m from NY and I’m very much looking forward to socializing with my peers and building friendships and with members of our community see you on Friday )

  • I cannot attend either. Perhaps the next one? Is this only open to FLR couples? I am a widower.

    Would there be a way for me to sponsor a connection to the meeting? I would want it to go to a person or couple who intends to have someone outside their family join them. We can’t help it if the guest(s) don’t show up. I will rely on folks being honest, having reasonable expectations.

    If this does not match anyone this round it can start or add to a scholarship fund.

    How can this happen?

    • Hi Dave! This social is open to anyone who wants to meet others who are interested in FLRs.

      If you want to sponsor someone when you get to the registration page after the donation has been submitted, there is a section on the form called Special Instructions. You can include a note that says who it is intended for and their contact information if necessary.

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