3 Responses to “Kirk Cameron Says Wives Should Follow Their Husband’s Lead

  • This type of thinking also puts a lot of men in an uncomfortable position feeling like they have to show a certain domination in public (especially church) and leading a totally different life at home. Also being looked at as week if they don’t put on the front that they are the leader, when they are much more comfortable letting their wife/significant other lead.

  • I appreciate the fact you acknowledge his religous beliefs Miss Queenie…me? Raised the same way but long since have acknowledged women’s superiority!! ?

  • I feel that putting the woman’s wants, needs, desires as primary and then everything will fall into place as it should. If the woman develops into the leader of the relationship, then so be it, the man and woman are both happy. If the man develops into the leader yet he is still putting the woman first in all things, then both will be happy. By setting the woman as primary in the relationship, it’s a win win for both, no matter which way the relationship develops. Sounds like Kirk Cameron doesn’t value women at all and is only interested in himself.

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