4 Responses to “Life Was Good With Sandy Running Things

  • Why does somebody have
    to be in charge?

    • Hi, John.

      Why does somebody have to be in charge?

      My relationship with my lady is in many ways egalitarian, but when we are paralyzed because of disagreement, we have found it useful for one or the other of us to have the final say in each area of our lives. (Some might call these food groups.) In our home there are some areas where I have the final say, spiritual for instance, but there are others, the majority perhaps, where she gets the final say. I sometimes call this her “vote and a half.”

  • FLR gave my first wife permission to ask for/demand the things she needed during her final illness which lasted seven years. I have carried over the habits and values that I cultivated that time into my new relationship, where thank God, I am married to a strong and healthy woman who knows her own mind and celebrates living in a Female-led Relationship with me. My lady and I are both grateful for the dynamics we are cultivating and can’t imagine doing things any other way.

  • All the examples of caring for her, bringing her some food doing the laundry, gives me value and purpose. I wonder why I am so committed to serving her?

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