3 Responses to “Our Love Grew Into A Female Led Relationship

  • beautiful story you are a lucky man to realize your natural position in the relationship. Hopefully it will give you motivation to totally submit and serve her like she deserves.

  • Thanks for the thoughts back Tom.,, i think it’s amazing when a plan actually starts to come together and you see the future unfold and your supportive position and role really starts to be established. It can be a slow progression but once it starts its an amazing ride and being able to be whatching her drive. I have been wondering how far this trip will really go and speculate on when she becomes a Dean somewhere how I will become further and totally just her supporting submissive husband…


  • What a wonderful story.
    We started our Female Led Relationship later in our marriage, but it sounds like we ended up in the same place. My beautiful wife was so helpful to my career and success and she was a fine mother. We raised successful children. After they left I largely ignored my wife and concentrated on my career. We were unhappy and putting on happy faces to others. So as we discussed our marriage and worked many things out. I proposed a relationship centered on her. Most of our earlier married lives were centered on me. I enjoyed giving my wife pleasure when we were intimate and I eventually decided to forego my own “releases” in favor of hers. That was a sacrifice I was happy to make but only could keep with a device I always wear. Unlike you, I lacked willpower. We are very happy today and enjoy our home and family.

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