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  • Ugh. Part of what makes a good leader is being willing to listen to other’s opinions and make a measured decision! Just this morning my husband and I were doing a back in forth about how to arrange some furniture and I ultimately decided to go with what he suggested. The point is, he had the best idea and I had the ultimate decision. I’m the leader because I can see these things. I don’t want to be with someone who is useless! It’s super important to me that he contribute meaningfully.

  • My first thought was that Alice may have had good reasons for insisting on the changes she demanded. I don’t know, I didn’t see it. She does seem the dominant personality and her husband obviously wants to please and obey her, but whether or not that points towards her being a capable Leader I guess remains to be seen. With something as important as a family home, my Lady would definitely seek my opinions and we would discuss everything in detail before she made her decision. I wondered if Alice and her husband had in fact discussed these matters off-camera and she had elected to inform him of her decisions once the cameras were rolling. If so, it would heighten the ‘reality’ of their FLR and his reactions to seem to indicate his commitment to honouring her wishes. Some males do require a firm stance from their Goddesses. He may have been an eternal procrastinator. We might still be waiting for him to make up his mind. Having said that, I wish I shared your love of ‘Reality TV’, Queenie … you intelligence and insight has obviously discovered something in it that continues to escape me entirely!

    • Yes. Frankie. You seem to turn your nose up at a quite a few practices that many people find enjoyable. It’s okay. I have my preferences too. I don’t watch ALL reality television, but I do enjoy HGTV because one day I hope to own a beautiful home like they do. Aside from the design passion I have, I realized that each show showcased a different type of couple and it is interesting to watch how they interact. I happen to truly enjoy social anthropology which is what I see when I watch these reality shows! If you look closely, you can learn something from everything. My passion is learning from the world around me.

      • I thought I sounded more like a lonely voice in the wilderness rather than turning my nose up at things. I’m assuming the comment refers to my take on Reality TV and God. Well, it’s true, I find Reality TV awful and I don’t get it. If others enjoy it, that’s great. In fact, I thought I alluded to your insight and intelligence in being able to find something useful in it. It wasn’t meant to be cynical. And, as with many things I question, if ratings are are any guide, I’m in the minority and sinking fast. I think it can probably deal with a nobody like me finding fault with it.

        As for god. Again, obviously, I’m in the minority. It could be argued that legions of god-fearing folk are turning their nose up at what I believe. I thought Steve and Al showed great common sense in completely ignoring my remarks about the god they believe in, if in fact they read them at all. I certainly give them credit for not trying to convert me, I’m way beyond salvation. I’ve read all their comments, they obviously are passionate about the topic, but I still have absolutely no idea what a patriarchal-driven fantasy religion has to do with Female Led Relationships. It leaves Femdom fantasy in the shade.

        I don’t personally think that disagreeing with something is the same as turning my nose up it. But, respectfully, if I’m in the wrong place let me know, I’m also way beyond being offended.

        • You remind me of me in so many ways. I’ll leave it at that and trust you will understand. I doubt if you embrace FLR so eagerly that you are in the minority here as far as your preferences for other interests. I suspect that free thinkers are drawn to this concept. Hm. I should do a survey about it.

  • I love HGTV and Love It or List It and I watch the shows for the exact same reasons that you do.

    I even remember watching that episode recently on Netflix and wondering about all the bad decisions that she was making.

    I’ve seen a few couples on HGTV that made me curious whether or not they were D/s.

  • Seems like good communication and common sense were lacking with Alice’s decision making.

  • I can’t stand watching this episode. Alice just makes me want to reach through the TV and bitch slap her. What a nasty, nasty woman.

  • It was absolutely shocking to listen to her. It gave me a really bad sensation. I felt so sorry for Desmon, although he choose her. I really hope to never find in my professional life a person like her because she might destroy many great things around an ambience of colleagues and company values. I really enjoyed reading your point of view because it is exactly the point “a dominant personality is not indicative of true leadership” and professionally speaking she might be dangerous for organizations – I present the video for some classes to show wrong dominant communications. Thanks for your post

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