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  • Dave J

    You are so lucky to have your goddess take such interest in your friends and appearance. I wish mine would. I bet your hair looks fab after a visit to the salon. Do you have it coloured?

    Stephen A

  • Obey and serve the Matriarch and you can’t go wrong. The Bible even says, “servants, obey your superiors..” Well, obey your wife. God gave Her to you for a reason.

  • Hi Steven, thank you for your kind words, sincerely appreciated.

    Not coloured, only washed, conditioned and then dried under a hood dryer. I would always seek permission before changing my style but thank you for asking.

    I did however make a mistake – my wife’s mother (who was at the salon with me) suggested that I put some rollers in as my hair is thinning on top and it would naturally give it some more body. I said “Thank you m’lady (as she likes to be addressed) but i’m fine” – that was the wrong thing to say, I should have said something along the lines of “Thank you m’lady, that is so kind to suggest from someone with such beautiful hair yourself – do you think I should?”.

    That was my awful, stupid, male ego kicking in there – a floral gown, clips, hair net and I thought rollers were a step too far, when I should have forgotton about everything else apart from the wishes of my wife and her mother.

    I will apologize to my wife and let her deal with me as she sees fit. You are always learning, and next time I will accept whatever I am told and switch off from anything else.

  • Thank you God, you’re very kind and I genuinely appreciate what you said.

    I don’t have a blog; to be honest, I have never really thought about putting my experiences into words but my wife and I saw some of Queenie’s videos and felt it would be a good idea to share, as it seems a safe, sane place to speak to others about our chosen lifestyle.

    I have written a third piece and hope to continue to contribute some more, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Thank you again.

  • Give me a break!

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