2 Responses to “Our FLR Contract Worked Wonders For Our Relationship

  • I enjoyed reading your story. Your husband has obviously benefitted from your loving discipline and guidance. If you feel like sharing, I’d be interested to know how a FLR has been of benefit to yourself. Is it helping you to achieve your life goals? I do believe that a man finds contentment, peace of mind and realises his potential when he learns that he has been put here to serve a Goddess and work hard to please her. Accepting the leadership and guidance of a strong woman can take time because we’ve been programmed since birth to feel pretty much the opposite. It kind of explains why there’s so much latent anger lurking in many males. They’re in endless conflict with themselves. Your husband is fortunate to have a caring Goddess to serve and show him what a good man he can be. And it’s wonderful that you have given him the courage and security to accept your feminine leadership.

  • Amazing where can I find a woman like this!
    Thank you for telling your story.

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