2 Responses to “POLL: Which is the Ideal Female Led Relationship?

  • I can’t vote for either, but I would lean heavily toward the latter one about “Supporting the woman…”

    I DO want a woman to “forcefully” dominate me in certain, specific ways, but not all the time and ONLY because SHE likes it. I want to please her at all times, but if there is absolutely no reward OTHER than the fact that she is pleased, I believe I would burn out over time. Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t desire much but if my service is continually taken for granted, I would feel no appreciation and even wonder if it really mattered. I would hope that she would care to know my submissive desires and “feed” them now and then… but I repeat, ONLY if she likes it as well.

  • The Women is the ideal leader. She is intelligence in the flesh, more sofesticated and smarter than her male counterpart. As men our natural instinct is to think with the wrong head. Ladies always stay on top of things and focused on her goal’s. Her head is constantly thinking of the next thing.

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