3 Responses to “POLL: Your Biggest Fear About Developing a FLR

  • Would be a mixture of being abused financially and abandoned. But fear of lack of respect as a good person because I put her needs above my own is number 1

  • Fear is a good word to describe free falling emotion into her dominance. It takes a lot of trust to give someone your life’s role and dedication with no conditions. Something of this nature many seek on crazy amusement park rides. The giving of one’s inner self to another for me is thrilling and so out of my control. The open submission to voluntarily submit to her dominance in thought and body is fear of being not in control. One day at a time ..

  • The poll is biased, and designed to portray men as wanting a FLR for their own selfish needs. Nowhere are fears cited such as “I fear I will not be able to please her.” This is a more realistic view. There is no way to answer the poll without being the bad guy, and one does’t need to be a bad guy to want to serve his wife, or place her needs and wants first.

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