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  • Quiz says I am a “Hero Submissive”.
    Have to say that this quiz figured me out perfectly:

    It says I am intelligent, resourceful and wise.
    My life is on an uphill swing since I walked into my power as a submissive man and all I want is a woman to share my success with.
    It goes on to say that my love and devotion are fueled by my ability to be a support to a woman who appreciates me.
    I yearn to be a woman’s hero and ask for nothing in return but for her to be as happy as possible.
    This is my reason for living.

  • Nice little quiz.

    My result:
    You are a Submissive Gentleman. Your spirit soars when you are catering to a woman’s needs and desires. You strive to be the PERFECT Gentleman in public and behind closed doors.

    You don’t believe in fighting your lady’s wishes, it is your job to ensure that they come true and you are powerful enough to make sure it happens every day.

    • Oh shit, forgot to say if I agree. So ye, I’d say it’s pretty much correct.

  • My result says I’m intelligent, wise and resourceful. I always tell my wife that I have to be somewhat intelligent that I was smart enough to ask her to marry me. I am the supportive partner in the relationship to I agree with my results.

  • Submissive gentleman

  • I got “Hero Submissive”
    It seems I’ve grown since meeting Ma’am. I would have only gotten loverboy sub before.
    Ma’am was gracious enough to lock her toys pennis away the day we met nearly two years ago.
    She informed me that we were to be married and were this past May.
    This man is utterly owned, eternally horny, and abundantly grateful.

  • I got “Lowly Worm Submissive”. Correctly described because my wife leads me in every respect, and I would never dare to argue.
    I have become her cute and obedient, feminized sissy housewife forever, would never want to change back. I strongly believe that women are born to lead us, in family and relationship and in our society as a whole.

  • Submissive gentleman, my wife says it fits me well.

  • I am a submissive hero. I think that is pretty accurate.
    Travel is one of my dominate wife’s pleasures and she has taken me on many holidays of her dreams and choosing. I love being her escort and pleasing her
    this way. To me she is the real hero in our relationship!!

  • Interesting… my result: “You are a Phony Submissive. You fantasize about being submissive to a woman but really you don’t want true submission. You want a woman to act out your fantasies of dominating you.

    If you don’t get what you want from her, you would never give her what she wants to make her happy. You are turned off by women who are truly dominant because they won’t cater to your fantasies. You want a submissive woman who will dominate you the way you believe she should.”

    I will admit that I am not entirely submissive. Some of that is because of me, but much is because I am submissive to my wife’s wish that I NOT be submissive in many ways. She wants me to lead the relationship and she hates being the center of attention during sex. I, on the other hand, would be happy if I never got to have intercourse and had to perform oral for her 100% of the time. If I were single, I would be extremely tempted to give my EVERYTHING to a woman if I felt she would respect the things I don’t like or don’t feel safe doing. With that said, when I say I’d give my EVERYTHING, I mean that once I do, she would call ALL the shots and could do anything or make me do anything at all, including my “hard limits” and beyond. I made my decision, gave my trust, and now it and the rest of me would be hers… no turning back.

    • PS – In direct reference to the poll result, I almost completely disagree with the 2nd paragraph. My wife won’t cater to my fantasies but I still go way out of my way to please her because she is so special to me. I LOVE a dominant woman who has her own ideas and I don’t ever want to “direct her” in how to dominate me. The only bit of truth there is that if I were single and searching for an FLR I admit that I am picky and would try to find a dominant woman who has very similar likes and dislikes from the dom side of things to my likes and dislikes from the sub side.

  • I got “Lowly Worm Submissive”
    While I was a little shocked reading that result, the more I continue on reading, the more I lowered my gaze in acceptance. It would be great indeed, if my humiliation will make a goddess feel good.

  • I Agree With The Result , I Am A Submissive Hero .

  • A hero submissive, I agree with all of the quiz. I adore my girlfriend and would give anything so that she may be happy. I behind my Princess 100% and I am very happy for her know that she is in college. I go see her evry chance I get. I believe she would make a great leadership women.

  • A Hero Submissive, yes I am!

  • I got “Hero Submissive” which seems to be quite accurate.

  • Lowly Worm You believe women are superior to men and without a woman your life is worthless. Not quite a believe a war is coming to sweden, and a will dia defending women’s right to be free, it’s way i believe islamist to be the most dangerous thing to women in Sweden ..if a survives a will try to find a dominant woman to own my,

  • I got “Hero Submissive”, and it is very accurate. I couldn’t have descrived it better:
    “You yearn to be a woman’s hero and you ask for nothing in return but for her to be as happy as possible. This is your reason for living.”
    And in reference to one of the questions in the survey, I can honestly say, with my heart in my hand, that I wouldn’t be where I am in life, and in my profession if it wasn’t for the lead of my wife.

  • Born and raised a TEXAN I was brought up to admire and respect all people especially ladies. I treat all females as a lady until they demonstrate that they are not eligible to be a lady. As a officer and gentleman I have always respected all people. I have done the things in my life that deserve respect I don’t have to prove or earn anyone’s respect and the reverse is true. It is only when someone flushes the respect given that none is there in the future. I find the greatest satisfaction in seeing my significant other eyes light up with delight and energy because I have made her happy be it cooking dinner, obtaining concert tickets she dreamed about or her eyes rolling into the back of head as she experiences multiple orgasms. It doesn’t matter as long as she brings light into the darkness I have succeeded. I always attempt to meet her expections but fail sometimes in making 100% of what needs to/has to be accomplished. A very wise man taught me that experience is surviving failures. I never plan to fail but have learned that you can fail to plan. My ultimate goal is to to plan to always bring the light to her eyes as it brightens my life.

  • P. S. I forgot my test score was Gentleman submissive and that fits to a “T”. I am a hero only to others I require no notice as I do the things I do out of love for my significant other and require nothing in return except maybe a pat on the head.

  • Hero submissive makes me blush but it does fit me to a t

  • Submissive Gentleman – I think it fits. At least that is the ideal to which I strive.

  • The quiz seems a little off. I received the comment, “You are a Lowly Worm. You believe women are superior to men and without a woman your life is worthless.” as my result, yet I answered that I don’t believe my life would be a failure if I never had a relationship with a dominant woman, AND I answered that I don’t believe all women are superior to men.

    The only thing close is, I believe that I should treat all women as if they were superior… but nothing close to that was asked.

  • Mine said i was a Phoney submissive .I may agree on that , i mean , i am genuinely submissive with women , and want such a lady to rule over my life….but , i dont think i want to give up my individuality and my life choices for another person Yes , i would give her much , but , give her EVERYTHING ???? Maybe i would if a special woman came into my life , but i wont really know untill i am in that position.I do and always will believe though , that it is time the male dominant power on this planet swang back to Female power .We need the change , and women the world over needd to be accepted as humans with worth and with huge contributions to make , rather than looked on as they currently are .. wich ..not men , and therefore limits are put on just how far their influence is allowed to go .Thats not right , but i am not a fool who has that attitude about women

  • The quiz labeled my as intelligent resourceful and wise. That is a grand evaluation and fits my inner drive to satisfy the women in my life. It is clearly reflected in the way I live my life, a rewarding life at that. My whole life in memory as been this inner drive to cater to women. I might not have understood what it was but it is in me. The FLR life as redirected our life into a incredible fantasy of love and devotion. You know what I say keep on, kepping on my love.

  • worm and it is true I am a total bitch to Women. I always am obedient. I would like to be a cuckold

  • says I am a lowly worm. it is true I like women who humiliate me. I am also a sissy..Ashley cox

    • The quiz says I’m a lowly worm submissive I didn’t like it at first but it’s true I’m very shy and like to be beat up by women

  • hmmmm… I got a submissive gentlemen.
    I’ve never felt I should be completely submissive in
    a relationship, since I do need to take care of myself. but… if I meet someone who is into it, it turns me on a bit, being able to pleasure someone who is greatly above yourself..
    however, I don’t think my particular sexual fantasy is common. I wonder if the one I would come to love would also be naturally inclined to it as well…

  • While the description sorta fits, i’m not sanguine with “hero” as a label – “devoted” maybe?

    But it fits better than the others – i suppose i avoided “worm” because i’ve no craving for humiliation, having received several lifetimes’ worth as a child.

    I describe myself as a “natural submissive,” FWIW.

  • Submissive gentleman was my result. I’ve been married 30 years to my dominant Wife and I’ve done my best to please, protect, and promote her. I failed to please my Woman today. So, in addition to receiving my first spanking in several years, reading FLR material and doing this quiz was part of my punishment.

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