6 Responses to “Sacrifice Is A Man’s Duty In a Female Led Relationship

  • Great read! Very useful for bonding at a deeper level.

    • This sounds like some twisted mined feminist article..saying mam privileged. ..I bet you don’t believe in God either? . If you did you will know man created in god image..and woman created from mam to be his help mate and pillow not lead him…..Only way one believes different he or she is not of God…

  • A man taking his partner’s last name is more than just reversing the old patriarchy custom of the woman assuming her husband’s name. In those days it was expected, indeed ..demanded, that the wife changes her name. Now, in society in general, and FLR in particular, it is a choice of the couple who takes and who keeps what name. If a man takes his wife’s name in a FLR it is because he chooses to offer his partner this wonderful gift of subjugating his former identity as a self centered male for a new identity, which recognizes and honor’s the woman’s priority in the marriage. And if the children of the union bear their mother’s name, it shouts to the world that in this FLR family the tired old patriarchal custom of the children having the husband’s name to demonstrate ‘ownership’ by the man is null and void. The primary parent is always the mother and therefore the children should bear her name. Whether the husband, as the secondary parent, is the biological father is irrelevant, since the mother chooses him to be her children’s nurturer and caregiver because he is worthy of the privilege due to his love and devotion to her, and not simply because he may or may not have provided her with sperm. Welcome to the post-patriarchy.

  • It is likely that men who have been given the opportunity to serve a Goddess will need to make personal sacrifices during the course of the relationship although, from personal experience, it truly is amazing how quickly those ‘sacrifices’ turn into blessings. My Lady has correctly identified many ways my behaviour and attitude can be improved in order to be a better and more dependable servant to her, and continues to do so. The things I gave up to please her now seem so utterly insignificant compared to what I have gained under her loving guidance.

    I agree that a man ought to take his Goddess’s last name in marriage, if that is her preference. It is an appropriate symbolic gesture of respect. I’ve always felt that hyphenated last names should be considered by non-FLR married couples. Ronae said it well: Welcome to the post-patriarchy. About time.

  • I would take a woman’s last name, I would expect to. She is my leader, and I would be honored to take her name as well as my role in the relationship being only to enhance her leadership. My life would revolve around her, her happiness, her needs, and her desires. She would have my masculinity on tap, and I would sacrifice anything she wanted me to, or needed me to, willingly, to enhance our relationship. I would have full trust in her judgement, and all decisions would be hers. I believe relationships work best, when there is a female leader. It’s time more men stepped aside and gave their wives and girlfriends the power they deserve. It’ll make for a better world. The future is female!

  • I also agree with the post. As a single man, I treat all Women this way. I’ll gladly sacrifice my time for a Ladys needs. This way I’m showing Her how she deserves to be treated and probably in the future She will expect it from all men.

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