4 Responses to “Sex Is Not Enough To Sustain A FLR

  • Wow! Well said, and a great reminder of where the power comes from. I identify and agree with your perspective. Thanks!

  • Serving my woman makes
    my life complete. She
    gives my life meaning.

  • I can appreciate the writer of this post. He is coming from a Christian perspective. What I find interesting is his description of “servant-LEADERSHIP. I know in my WLM there is no leadership coming from me. There is support and there is communication, but there is no leadership. I know from reading so many posts on this blog that the author does not profess to males leading in any way whatsoever. Their purpose is to support and follow but not lead.

    Second, “He who would be greatest among you, must be slave of all.” Does this mean I can extrapolate that to mean that the one who serves is really the one in charge? I mean, isn’t that what servant leadership is? Leading but also being sensitive and considering the needs of those you lead?

    Where does the woman fit into this scenario? She is the leader and yet she is not serving. She’s leading and if that’s all she’s doing and if her husband/partner is submitting who is the greater one? Who is the real leader?

    All this to say – when you take something out of context you are left with a confusing conclusion. Personally I believe as the author does. I believe that my role is to serve. I believe that by giving up authority, by choosing to let my wife lead I am both loving her more fully and serving her by placing her above myself.

    It’s an interesting and yet complex topic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very complex. “Downtown Abbey” and “The Help” are two powerful and excellent dramatizations of this complexity. Watching “The Help”, one can’t help but wonder who is really “in charge.” Likewise with “Downtown Abbey.” The servants often seem like the heroes; the ones who are really the “leaders”. Given the realities of human nature, I think this dilemma is inescapable. Our male acts of loving service for and to our Mistresses “steers” their lives. We prepare the path before them; we open their doors; our service provides them options they would not have without us. We are truly “servant leaders.” But we really don’t want to be. We want to be dominated! Completely, totally. We want them to control us all the time in every way. We want them to lead us entirely. All of this is good. We longings empower us to be good servants. As we perform our services, we impact their lives greatly, and thereby “steer” them unwittingly. Anybody see this differently? Anyone see a way out of this Gordian Knot?

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