6 Responses to “She Invited A Younger Lover To Join Us

  • Great story.

  • Absolutely captivating! Indeed does a true FLR dictate that the Goddess has the freedom to expand Her horizons – regarding another submissive male in Her service – as and when She desires. This story embodies the sacrifice part of a FLR – you have accepted and fully internalized your submissive role and persona in the FLR … by gladly putting the interests and joy of your wonderful Goddess before your very own interests. You are a true loving, dedicated and loyal submissive male … you are blessed to have the honour to submit to your fantastic Goddess Owner!

  • I have always enjoyed the idea of my wife having another lover. A younger lover is even more erotic. Lately, she’s been flirting with a friends son who is a generation younger. He is a very nice guy and also incredibly handsome. If it proceeds, all three of us will get something positive.

  • Nice story but in the beginning you say you were in love with her when you were twenty and then you say her new liver is ten years younger than her and 20 years younger than you. So that means you fell in love w someone when they were ten years old.

    • This inconsistency bothered me as well. Perhaps he is actually talking about two different FLR he has been in, but if so, he didn’t clarify and it makes it confusing.

  • Not sure that is what FLR is about for me. But I am just me, a man fortunate enough to have a love of a dominant woman. For her to be seeking outside of the relationship for more intimacy reflects a woman not true to her ability to control.

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