Submissive Men Are Not Wimps

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male-467711_640When you meet a man who will cook, clean, work and live to pamper you, it may seem a bit unrealistic at first because you were taught that you were supposed to do those things for him and he should simply be the receiver. But for some reason, the man standing before you takes extraordinary care to ensure that you are happy and well taken care of. He would risk his life for you even though you would not allow it.

You are nervous. Your friends all snicker when they see how much he caters to you. Their husbands laugh and call him whipped. You do not want anyone to think less of your lover so you try to coax him into appearing more dominant, making the decisions and being aggressive. It doesn’t work.

The entire fisaco actually hinders the relationship because he can not pretend to be someone who he is not for long.

He is a submissive man. He thrives under the direction of a smart and capable woman like yourself. He needs you to be who you are, leading the union to bliss, so that he can be free to be who he is- your perfect first mate.

He loves you.

Maybe in the past you were used to men who expressed their love monetarily or with abuse. Those days are over. You have found your submissive man whose heart is set on treating you like the Goddess you really are.

The past relationships were inconsequential compared to the female led relationship you will have once you embrace these simple facts:

1) You deserve to be catered to, pampered and cared for. Not only do you deserve it, you will have it if you allow it. Let go of the notion that a desire to please and follow instructions is a symptom of weakness. It is not. Choosing someone to give your all to is extremely vulnerable and courageous. If he wants to place you on a pedestal, allow him to be the courageous man he is and accept it. You do deserve good things.

2) You can help him fulfill his purpose in life by allowing him to serve and care for you. In a way, you are holding the key to his bliss. Do not deny him his happiness because you were taught that men do not behave this way. The good ones do.

3) You must be a strong man to accept the desire to be led by a woman. Unfortunately, socialization stifles our growth because we attempt to live out roles prescribed according to gender. A man who can walk away from how society demands that he interact in romantic relationships and live out his truth is a man worth honoring with respect. So many people hide who they are for fear of being ridiculed. A submissive man who honors his Goddess and enters into a female led relationship fully embracing it, is a man who deeply loves himself and in doing so, is capable of loving you.

He is submissive because he chooses to be completely present and accepting of who he is. He is not a wimp, he just loves you. There is nothing wrong with that.


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5 Responses to “Submissive Men Are Not Wimps

  • I totally agree, its like you were reading my mind when I read this. Serving a woman can bring the greatest happiness to a man.

  • This is a great article and I am so greatful I was referred to this website. It is such a relief to go with the currents of my marriage instead of trying to go against them because of standards set by society.

  • Although I don’t have any hard scientific evidence to back it up, I think that the average submissive man serving in a healthy FLR is probably far stronger physically and mentally than most. Who knows where these misconceptions originate? I can’t imagine a wimp with sagging energy being particularly useful to a strong woman emanating powerful feminine forces.

    Both my Domina and I are professional people, work long hard hours and we both need to be alert and at the top of our game at all times. She keeps a close eye on what we eat, ensures I remain physically fit and that my desire to serve and pamper her each day is not diminished by lack of nutrition. Believe me, honouring the Goddess within her so lovingly is not a sign of weakness. To the contrary, she has enabled me to start closing in on my true potential as a man.

  • Totally agree with this it is one problem I have with many Femdom sites that portray a sniffling wimp cowering from a whip.
    I want to serve and I am proud of that. If my mistress wants to whip me for her pleasure then I am happy to take it, if she wants to do the same as punishment then I want the punishment because I feel bad and it helps me to learn. It takes bravery and strength to submit.

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