3 Responses to “Buy Our “She Wins” T-Shirt

  • Not shipping to the Netherlands?! ?

    • Oh no! I did not know this. This is my first fundraiser using this type of concept. I am trying to keep this site going. Hopefully I will raise enough to buy inventory so that I can personally ship them anywhere in the world. Thank you so much for being willing to support!

  • I think I have to accept that my computer is in its death throes. I’ve tried several times to send off for a t-shirt and it just won’t do it (or maybe it’s a USA only thing, I don’t know). I tried to make a donation and it won’t do that anymore either. I’ve had the same problem trying to post on my wall. Nothing happens. I guess I have to upgrade. I hope you sold enough t-shirts, I thought it was a great design.

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