5 Responses to “The Beauty of Her Submission To His Love

  • I loved the movie cast analogy, you are very perceptive. For proof of your theory I recommend watching Rita Hayworth in ‘Gilda’, Barbara Stanwyck in ‘Double Indemnity’, Jane Greer in ‘Out Of The Past’ and a host of other powerful female actors from the golden age of Film Noir in the 40s and 50s … these Movie Goddesses actually ruled the studios for a time, their characters are incredibly strong women (although not always on the right side of the law!) and the stories revolved around them.

    Your understanding and insight into the psychology of Female Dominance and male submission makes you eminently qualified to be living in a FLR, sharing mutual love, respect and devotion to strengthen your power exchange. One of the things that has made a pure FLR special for me is the complete honesty that exists between the committed couple. There are no secrets or half-truths in a healthy FLR.

    My Lady wants me to confide in her my feelings, fears and emotions and she is receptive to all of them. I can’t imagine keeping anything from her. I don’t know of any other kind of relationship where it occurs quite to that extent.

  • I totally agree, the man submits to the woman and gives her every desire she wants. The man serves her every need and it becomes the greatest love relationship ever.

  • I found this to be very beautiful and very true.Thank you for your post M’Lady.

  • Well thought out, I love the emphasis on the equality of the relationship, how each gets to benefit from the gift of submission. That gift, both in the giving and receiving, can create such a feeling of joy for both. Maybe finding acceptance triggers endorphins, somebody should research that.

  • The awareness of the her ability to build walls while in a vanilla relationship. These walls in away protect the a Queen from harm of corruption of nongiving love in a vanilla relationship. As the Queen senses a submissive worthy of her presence , she slowly emerges ever so cautious not to tarnish the greatness of her dominance. As the FLR man evolves into a true FLR man. The FLR evolves into the living paradise of female dominance.

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