3 Responses to “The Biggest Obstacle For Women In Female Led Relationships

  • I found this very useful. I sometimes do not know if my better half is really wanting a FLR? Sometimes she’s all in to it and other times I’m not sure she wants to be? How can I A sub male get her to choose one way or another?

    • Just follow her lead. Ask her how you can make her life easier and do those things. If you do that, you have a FLR. if you want to add kink, fetishes, femdom and protocols, that is a different story.

    • Many, if not most, women are multi-faceted emotionally… much more so than men, I believe. Whether by nature or nurture, a woman is more likely to swing between dominant and submissive than a man. A woman will have dominant or submissive feelings triggered by situations, circumstances, and different men. Even in an all female group usually one alpha woman will lead even though many of the other women are leaders in other circumstances, eg. .home, work, etc. I believe women fluctuate much easier from the dominant or the submissive than men. Other than work and some social settings where a man is required to act dominant, in his primary or core relationship(s) a submissive man remains true to his nature. For instance, in the bedroom, most women can respond to and even instigate dominant or submissive activity. Many women, dominant or submissive, will respond sexually whether her partner wants to give or receive a spanking, while a submissive man, when asked by his partner to do something that requires him to dominate her in some way, he can’t do it, it just isn’t in him. But women are wired differently. A dominant woman can be genuinely submissive at times and vice versa.

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