5 Responses to “The Difference Between Being Powerful and Being Dominant

  • I believe Success comes from knowing the benefits of when to rely on your “Power” and when “Dominance” best suits the occasion.

    Being “Powerful” is all well and good, but sometimes you need to draw those better suited to your needs through your Dominance.

    Those who easily relinquish control are not always suited for the end goal.

    It’s a combination of both values in action that make for an irresistible Woman. She may be losing out on her full potential otherwise.

    • You may be right. I, Queenie, have no desire to control anyone though. I am much to busy for coercion. Plus, I have created a lifestyle where I am not dependent on others to meet my goals so with or without them I still hit my mark. There is really no need for me to push or pull.

  • I admire what Queenie has achieved with the Conquer Him With Love site. From my perspective it seems directed at thoughtful and intelligent Goddesses and the growing band of men who love to honour and serve them with clear emphasis on the fact that it’s a realistic and desirable lifestyle. It seems like quite a powerful accomplishment. I guess the proof of Queenie’s feminine power is that the site continues to grow and encourage discussion on how the leadership of women can effect and influence our lives in so many positive ways: to the erotic and beyond.

    • Thank you for your continued support of Conquer Him and my efforts. Because of men like you, I have been able to focus on growing this resource and shining a light on loving,healthy relationships that are focused on supporting women. As we continue to grow and impact society with this awesome message, I will remember that your support and encouragement made it possible.

  • Oh, Queenie, I have big doubts about the long term viability of this relationship model. Upfront, FLR celebrates selfishness. It is all about pleasing just one partner, the woman.

    If the man gets pleasure doing this all the time, then great. But if he doesn’t always want to give her whatever she wants all the time or if he has needs or wants, she is encouraged to demand her needs are always met and has no obligation to fulfill his needs them if she doesn’t want to.

    This model seems to make a mockery of love, which is normally seen as putting your partner’s needs before your own. In FLR, this is only 50% true.

    Not that loving people always put their partner’s needs first. . But ‘giving’ is what love is all about. There is no love in ‘taking’.

    People differ and for some, this might work for the long-term happiness to both. But a relationship based on pure selfishness by only one partner would seem to have very steep hill to climb if love and happiness is the goal of both partners.

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