4 Responses to “The Trick To Getting A Man To Be Submissive

  • Great article!

  • I’d only add one advice to those women,

    There are millions of men who believe you are a goddess and therefore want desperately to worship you! Can all of them be wrong? Believe it. Once you do, your self esteem will shoot up. Your self confidence will be jumping from your eyeballs LOL. And men will run to you like hatched turtles run to the sea.

  • Queenie (and Becky), I’m unhappy to disagree to the fullest with you at your own website but this is just not the case. Authentic, relationship skilled, self-aware L/lifestyle submissive males are actually rare. There are a LOT of liars, hustlers and fantasists out here, especially recently with the worldwide economic fails. So many are imposters attempting to find pushover sugar mommas, sex slave “wife” types and more!

    If there are millions of L/lifestyle submissive men who “worship” Dominas seeking to partner there wouldn’t be one dominant single hetero, bi or pan woman seeking a male submissive!

    Where on this planet do you live, Becky?!? 😉
    “And, men will run to you like hatched turtles run to the sea.”

  • One way to make a man submissive is to train him to associate submission with pleasure or operand conditioning. Everything should be done in small steps so that the man does not realize he is being conditioned to be submissive to a woman. There are some things that men will find very pleasurable but will also see as being submissive.

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