3 Responses to “It is Time For Women to Lead and Men to Follow

  • I can’t believe there
    are no comments on this
    post. We men are here
    to serve women.

  • This is an extremely uneducated opinion that stems from sexual fantasies and ignorance of history, sociology and other humans sciences.
    This is why blue-balled men’s opinions are often irrelevant on this kind of topic.
    Let the women talk if your brain can’t function properly anymore.

  • Being married for 12 years with my bossy indian Lady I can confirm: Yes, indeed, she has a tight reign over me but it was the best for both our life! She rules and I have to obey and serve her willingly. I know my daily duties, performing the menial tasks, and in the evening I take my usual place at her feet for giving a good foot rub or a fully pedicure. Naturally I also have to kiss her feet for respect when she commands – and by the way – every woman deserves this nice gesture I think. Happy wife – happy life!

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