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  • A very nice account of a beautiful relationship. You touched on some of my favorite topics of FLR. There were no whips and chains, just a strong minded, loving woman and an adoring, willing to serve man. Some of the most endearing gestures in FLR are the simplest and humblest tasks. The image of a man on his knees beside the bath gently and lovingly shaving a woman’s legs as she luxuriates in a relaxing, tub of scented bubbles. It is such a simple little duty and yet it so aptly seems to symbolize the dynamic of a loving FLR. This also applies to the humble foot massage, hair brushing,, and if trained and sufficiently skilled…the wonderful mani-pedi treatment. I also agree that there is often a lot of pressure on the man to perform in the bedroom up to a standard that will satisfy his goddess on the consistent basis she deserves. It is sometimes difficult for the average, hard working man to meet her expectations, (as well as his own…as he dearly wants to please her) to fulfill her needs in the manner she desires. An outside relationship or a third partner may be the solution to her more robust sexuality, while helping to relieve some of that ‘pressure to perform’ he may sometimes feel. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a special Goddess she was to permit you to serve her with such unwavering dedication and attentiveness for so many years, and how difficult it must have been to lose her. She obviously chose you well to be the man to honour her as the essence of her strong feminine spirit comes alive in your words. I’m certain she would be proud of you, both for the love you continue to show her and for your decision to keep accepting her intuitive guidance and loving discipline despite her physical absence. It’s the kind of bond that can never be broken, it simply exists on a higher plane.

    And, yes, it does take a truly wonderful woman – probably a highly intelligent confident woman – to allow two men to serve her complex needs, be close to her emotions and be present for her when needed. Most potential ‘issues’ can be ironed out through the tried and tested means of communication. In fact, honest communication is really a hallmark of FLRs … knowing each others’ intimate secrets and desires is what makes it so unique and delightful.

    There was more I wanted to say, but I’ve just been called away … I’ll try and continue it later … All the best.

  • Frankie, what a sweet reply in salute of these two wonderful partners in a loving FLR. Please do complete your thoughts on this. I agree that it takes a highly intelligent , confident woman who possesses a dynamic personality and complex emotions to find inspiration and contentment having more than one man/partner fulfilling her need to give and receive love in different ways…perhaps one submissive, one dominant, or, one strong and masculine, one gentle and more feminine. Their different love would fulfill her and make her the complete woman she deserves to be.

    • Ronae, thankyou, I expanded on my thoughts and submitted them to Queenie to consider publishing. Briefly, I’m drawn to all the components that make for a loving FLR and high on the list are integrity and honesty within the relationship. I don’t think without them it can ever be a sustainable FLR. I sense that yourself, Queenie and probably most of the people who visit this site regularly appreciate the significance of being honest with your partner/s. Actually, I think it’s what makes a FLR so unique and wonderful.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. I am touched and it is actually what I am working towards with my partner as of this past year. Your story is strong, truthful, loving and natural. All the best

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