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  • This is a very insightful post; thanks for sharing your story. I know men and women do this all the time, but do you think this may be a bit risky? Does she also allow you to see other women in your open marriage? Me and my husband already came to the conclusion that to avoid unwanted pregnancies, child support, crazy lovers, and etc.. having sex with anyone but each other is not even a desire for us. But, I guess it is a matter of choice.

  • I love how you have devoted yourself to feminist causes and the empowerment of women and that along the way you seem to have cultivated an innate sense of the global benefits that can manifest when feminine intelligence is heeded and leadership sought.

    Like Ann C., I was a bit concerned about safety issues. I’m sure your wife is extremely careful about whom she dates and takes all other precautions. It’s wonderful that you continue to support and encourage her. She has given you a great gift.

    As I’ve written elsewhere on this site, my Lady is in a committed relationship with a younger lover. She doesn’t date outside the relationship she has with her two men, although she would certainly be free to if she so chose. To date she has shown no inclination. This would seem to be different from your situation if I’ve read your story correctly, although, like you, I believe I have become immeasurably more appreciative of the power of the Divine Feminine as a result.

  • This is a big one! HIgner level female led relationships usually lead to cuckolding at some point. Most men are very resistant to the idea, and it can be a major pitfall for many relationships because the fantasy of cuckolding and the reality of it are two different things entirely. A submissive male must be gradually eased into it, so that he understands that he does not get a say in her sex life. To truly submit, a man has to let her be free to do what she wants, and while he may suggest that he doesn’t want her to have other partners, he also has to realize that it’s not his place to decide that for her and should respect her decision and support her either way. This usually takes a lot of training, and of course, orgasm control, all men in a female led relationship should need permission at all times in order to have an orgasm. A woman can work with this and gradually make him more accepting that he has no control over her, and that includes her sex life, and even his own sex life. He must trust her judgement about it. If done gradually, with open communication, he will accept his role in her life with and be thankful for it. Cuckolding can actually bring a woman and her sub even closer than before if its done right. As it allows for complete surrender to her.

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