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  • Ben and E..R would be the domination I am looking for in a woman

  • What I desire deeply is submission and obedience to a loving and affectionate, yet truly Dominant Woman and firm-Handed Disciplinarian.
    She would be completely in charge, and Her word would be final in all matters. I would be under Her authority in all aspects of the marriage – both outside the home and in the home, both outside the bedroom and in the bedroom.

  • My girlfriend and I have been playing around lately with Her being the Mistress. I have been giving her a lot of special attention making sure she is being serviced sexually and doing anything she wants. Last night in bed after she had an orgasm she wanted me inside her. I had been excited by the whole mistress roles that just before I came I asked “Mistress may I cum now?”
    it was a turn on for me and I think she liked it also. We later discussed a little of her controlling my orgasams. What’s the next step?

  • I want a woman to completely dominate me and spank me as much as she wants. Because I need to be spanked good. And laughing at me knowing I love what she’s doing to me.

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