7 Responses to “Never Pressure a Woman To Be More Dominating

  • Great piece. The style
    of the female must be
    respected if she is
    truly in charge.

  • Awesome post. It truly describes how a FLR should be.

  • Excellent article, I will add to my mantra “don’t push”

  • Very good advice and something all of us men should take to heart. Thank you!

  • Well written. This underscores the importance of making the woman the priority in the relationship and not the man’s fantasies. A designated play night is a great idea, provided the woman is agreeable. The man gets a bit of his fantasy fulfilled yet still is respectful of the woman’s desires. No pressure, words to live by for men!

  • Yes, all said above has merit but also to be considered is that people sometimes have different natural style and preferences in an FLR which need to be respected and well fed for BOTH partners to flourish within it…….so it is entirely acceptable to realize that two people are not good matches in their optimal individual FLR styles and find a better partner…..hopefully before the relationship has become hard coded.

  • I think if you are with a woman and you both agree to an FLR then you have already identified she is the superior in the relationship. After that, it’s just a matter of letting her be, “her”. Her natural dominance will come out, you don’t need to force it.

    My girlfriend takes great joy in lecturing me. Before, it was part lecture, part fight, part nothing getting accomplished but hurt feelings. Now, because of our agreement, I ‘agree’ to sit down and shut up and take my medicine. She loves this because this is the power exchange she seeks. She wants me to “listen” to her. She wants me to shut up when she has something to say.

    One night, she lectured me for twenty minutes about the way I set the table. It was just the two of us, who was I getting all fancy for? But you see, I was told how to do it and I didn’t “listen” to her. So, she literally grabbed me by the ear, sat me on the couch and lectured the living hell out of me. Finger pointing and all. Then she made me set the entire table again – twice. But after that? She was very loving and very aroused at her success correcting me.

    I get lectured pretty regularly by her and I’m fine with it. After she lets off steam, life is quite good. So it’s very worth it.

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