2 Responses to “Why Some Men Prefer Submissive Women

  • Hello Ma’am,
    Good site. I’ve been into the BDSM lifestyle for many years. First as the Dominant and now switch/submissive. I have a question about the He is lazy and selfish and he thinks he is being a good man when he is really just serving his own interests and ego’ comment. If the couple is happy with the dynamics, isn’t his happiness being the focus the same as her happiness in an FLR? Women in FLRs aren’t called lazy or selfish when their happiness is the focus? But I mainly wanted to say good info and I think your site may help my ex out. Whether we end up back together, it should help her out too. She wants an FLR I think but may not see it or may have hesitations about living it. Thank you.

  • Seems that appreciation of another is crucial to a strong FLR. Gifts are not meant to make another person happy , they are given to another because it makes you happy. What a person does with s gift is a reflection of their inner self.

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