4 Responses to “A Most Wonderful Gift From My Husband

  • Your husband is living the dream. He should
    be pleased about how lucky he is. Wish I was him.

  • Where can a woman like you?
    I crave a goddessk

  • FLR for us in developing into a path of her happiness. We focus on our needs as a couple, she knows if satisfies my desires to serve her. I also recommend to her to take the course as well. However for the reason of I want her … is not the vision for us in our FLR and the goal is to satisfy her wants not mine. How ever as we move along in our new refocused life she inquires more about this lifestyle. The success of our relationship us developing because when I respond with a answer to her inquiry. It is done in a manner to be online with her thought process not mine. So if it comes I will let her know about the course and your witness on how you at first thought it was a scam to manipulate you to his way. I am happy to share your story when it’s time.

  • Your story will help if she ever request assistance in our FLR.

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