One Response to “You Don’t Have To Be a Mistress To Be In a FLR

  • I certainly agree that any man hoping for a sustainable and loving FLR should understand up front that it is all about him working hard to please his Goddess and ensure that her wishes are carried out to her satisfaction. A FLR is never about her pandering to his fantasies unless it pleases her to do so. If she doesn’t wish to be called Mistress (or anything else) so be it. My Leader has no interest in being called Mistress, prefers most of the time to be called by her first name, although she does love to be told she is a Goddess. Apart from denoting the power of her femininity, it does reaffirm for both of us my willingness to serve and obey her, and her high expectations that she will be treated as such.

    I feel like I have written something along these lines somewhere else, but I can no longer recall when, where or why, such is the attention span of the average male … and I’m pretty sure mine’s average. This is why we have capable Female Leaders with a greater intellectual capacity to guide us and train us to become better servants to them, and to be firm with us when necessary. No wonder it requires the patience of a Goddess!

    I don’t believe for a moment that an intelligent Female Leader would stand being second-guessed, having her loving authority undermined or being topped from the bottom by any male hoping to be invited into her domain and permitted to serve her. That, for us, is not a FLR. Somebody would need to come up with another name for it.

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