One Response to “Is Female Empowerment About Doing What Men Can Do?

  • As men, we can empower women in all aspects of our life, not just those in our immediate circle. I recently purchased a new car but I first sought out a woman salesperson (not an easy feat), it was a pleasurable experience dealing with a woman in that transaction. Just last night, my wife and I went shopping for a new ring. We purposely worked with a woman salesperson and the transaction was a breeze.

    At work, I have 3 women who report to me. I try to challenge myself to help them advance their careers. I also have a female boss who is a great example of intelligence, work ethic, high standards. She is a pleasure to work for and I try to continue to find ways to improve my performance because I understand it makes her job a little easier (she’s not a babysitter) and my performance is a reflection on her.

    To me, this is how I try to empower women who are outside my immediate circle of family and friends. Men who say they want to empower women should look for opportunities in ALL aspects of their life.

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