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A Female Led Relationship is a committed, loving union in which the woman’s happiness, satisfaction and progress are the primary focus in the relationship. She sets specific expectations and standards for the relationship and he strives to meet those standards because it brings him joy to do so. He ensures that she has everything that she needs to create a wonderful life for their family. 

He is intensely attracted to a Powerful Woman. He empowers her to lead. He trusts her to make the final decisions. He supports her in every way, enabling her to use her intelligence, wit and charm to bring peace, progress and harmony to their union and to the world.

Conquer Him (With Love) teaches women how to become loving leaders of their relationships. We encourage women to CONQUER (overtake) their partners WITH LOVE and appreciation for their support.

Conquer Him (With Love) aims to introduce the concept of the Female Led Relationship love style into mainstream society so that all intelligent women and men can step away from the antiquated ideals of society and into the bliss of authentic love.

Every man should embrace the choice to allow his supportive nature to be nurtured and appreciated by a woman who cherishes his devotion to her.

Every woman should experience the joy of being with a partner who puts her happiness first. Every woman should experience what it is like to be listened to and have her wishes respected. Every woman should have the chance to experience admiration and support from a man who is devoted to assisting her in achieving her dreams.

Conquer Him (With Love) does not promote Female Led Relationships that are based on BDSM, kink, Femdom, S&M or Female Superiority.

If you are looking for the most basic ingredient to ALL Female Led Relationships, start HERE. 

How to Love a Powerful Woman

LOVING FLR Guidebook For Men




LOVING FLR Guidebook For Women


The Enlightened Submissive



Female Led Relationship Coaching Programs


At Conquer Him we take pride in offering personal coaching and training for women and men who have chosen to engage in Female Led Relationships.


At Conquer Him we believe:

❤ All women have the potential to become Goddesses in Female Led Relationships

❤ Men are not inferior to women, instead they need each other to create a beautiful, healthy relationship.

❤ Creating a successful Female Led Relationship is based on treating each other with respect and LOVE.

❤ Female Domination is a kink and is not the basis of a loving Female Led Relationship. Conquer Him is not a Femdom blog.

❤ A man should be more than just submissive; he should be useful. Submissive Gentlemen are heroes. 

❤ There are many different ways to create and lead a Loving Female Led Relationship.

❤ You can enjoy a wonderful Female Led Relationship without kink.

❤ Degradation, Humiliation and forced submission should have no place in a Loving Female Led Relationship.

At Conquer Him we proudly present

❤ She Wants– A Loving FLR Guidebook For Women

❤ Conquer Him AcademyFemale Led Relationship Coaching Programs For Women, Men and Couples.

❤ FLRStyle.ComShop Our Online Boutique for Female Led Relationship Lifestyle Fashion Items

❤  FLR StoriesInterviews and Love Stories from couples who thrive in Female Led Relationships

❤ Ask Queenie – Submit Your FLR Questions For Real Answers From The Publisher of Conquer Him

❤ Conquer Him on Youtube – Videos sharing wisdom and analysis of Female Led Relationships.

Please do reach out to us to share your stories, celebrate the powerful women in your life and ask questions about how you can awaken your inner siren.


About The Creator of Conquer Him

QUEENIETe-Erika “Queenie” Patterson is a writer and journalist in Los Angeles. She has dedicated herself to studying psychology, relationship therapy and BDSM to offer the best in women’s empowerment projects that the world has ever seen.

She is eager to connect with you, learn from you and share her knowledge with others. Please do offer suggestions and support by signing up for email notifications at the form in the sidebar, connecting with us on Facebook and offering a monetary donation to keep this site running.






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  • First of all, I want to thank you for having this site and allowing males who are in relationships with alpha females or dominant females to express their feelings, views and life styles. You are a very well educated, knowledgeable, and accomplished writer and journalist, and in addition to that, a very attractive woman. I do applaud your vigilant and unselfish work for helping women with intelligent, constructive and life saving relationship therapy and female empowerment. Next, I want to apologize in behalf of all males who have physically and verbally abused women for centuries ! My father was very abusive to my loving mother, and I never wanted to emulate him in any shape, form or fashion as a masculine trait. So as I young male growing up, I suspected that I may have inherited some of his bad genetic traits, that’s when I set out to find a dominant/alpha female that would not tolerate any male fueled testosterone aggression. Out of pure boredom while searching some popular web dating sites, I decided to try several sites that dealt with female inmates looking for pen pals or males who want a relationship with them after their release from incarceration. For privacy, I will call her Brianna (black female, as I am black as well ) Her first husband was physically abusive and her second husband was (violently) physically abusive, whom she shot and killed in self defense ! This is one of the many reasons, why I do not vote for any male politicians and I strongly advocate feminist groups and women empowerment organizations. As women gain more ground in society as city council persons, mayors, judges, congresswomen, senators and hopefully very soon President of the United States, so much tougher laws will be enacted to punish physically abusive males with stiffer fines and penalties along with longer jail/prison sentences. Anyway back to my sweetheart Brianna, as we were writing and talking to each other over the phone, she did not hesitate to tell me, that she did not want anymore relationships with the so called, alpha male. She adamantly insisted that, she will be in charge of the relationship in all aspects ! My role in the relationship (as her husband) is to serve her as a “helpmate” to love, cherish and obey, and never question her decisions and authority (her words verbatim). While incarcerated Brianna attained her Master’s Degree in Psychology and I only have a high school diploma. Brianna is quick to remind me, that my high school diploma, is equivalent to the academics of a 5th grader, and her Master’s gives her power or authority over others ! I am to be seen, but not heard, however I could not be more happy and contented as I am now. We have been married for seven years now, and by the way, we had to get married in another state, that allowed men to take the surname of their wife, because Brianna absolutely refused to take my last name as hers in marriage. The males in my family tried to shame me for my decision (really Brianna’s decision) but all of my female family members and their female friends, commended me , even one female auntie said, welcome to the sisterhood, all the women laughed at that comment, but they all hugged me, kissed me, and made me feel loved and appreciated !I cannot express how much I really love and appreciate my dominant/alpha wife, it all seems and feels so natural to me, with Brianna at the helm. I would love to go into more details about our marriage arrangement, but I am only allowed access to the computer while Brianna can monitor the sites that I visit online, suggested or approved by her. Brianna says that all males, have a overwhelming propensity to indulge in internet pornography which by all accounts, males have destroyed many marriages and relationships due to their sexual fantasy addictions, and unrealistic expectations of their wives and girlfriends ! As a male, I certainly agree with her. “If only males would listen to women” and heed their god given wisdom and advice, men would find peace and happiness under the tutelage of a dominant/alpha woman. I

    • Great article.

    • Hello, submissive tyrell,

      your Domina reads to be a very fortunate woman!

      I find it extremely rare, especially to locate submissive males of colour wishing to be the devoted submissive life-partner to Dominas of colour. For that reason She is even more fortunate.

      Best wishes to you B/both! 🙂

  • Hi, my name is David and I consider myself a submissive male. I have this feeling since I was a kid but I only discovered terms such as FemDom or Female Supremacy some years ago.

    I have a partner and would like to introduce her into the topic and live an FLR. For this reason I would appreciate your help because I want to learn.

    I want to learn how to surrender and serve her properly. Some tips about introducing her into an FLR would be great, if you are going to organise something on-line. Let me know.


  • Couldn’t agree more with the above comment!

    • Hi friend like to b Your friend. We are similar..

      U can meet me on peperonity as prasan35.

      Hope we can have some good times. Same boat…

  • I have just discovered this site. Fascinating. Also rather sensual.

    I am married to my second and younger wife. Initially, I was very much the dominant partner. Not in a bad way but in a “take charge” way. This has slowly changed over the last year or so. My wife now determines how we largely go about our lives. We do not have children, although I have a son and daughter from my previous marriage, neither of whom live with

    My wife more or less decides what we do. Where we go. What I must do. What she wants to do. She has even included other men into our relationship. something which, just a few months ago, would have devastated me but now, I accept. .

  • i m working on promoting FLR and there r many WOMEN who don’t know their real place…

    i m trying to make them aware & to help them grow more and more FLRs. When WOMEN get to know the concept they rapidly get on it & are wonderfully naturally brainy to take control.

    Any interested FEMALES/males please help me to promote…FLRs ..Every one welcome…

    i m as prasan35 on peperonity also

  • Hello, Queenie,

    Thanks for creating your website and tutorial videos for neophyte L/lifestyle Dominas and submissive men in and seeking to be involved in FLRs with each O/other.

    However, since You’re a woman who is intersectionally oppressed I’m trying to figure why You’re typing and speaking from a heteronormative stance. That is oppressive, W/we should A/all be jointly deconstructing the oppression of all oppressed groups and individuals.

    It is NOT only heterosexual women in and seeking to be involved in FLRs. Many L/lifestyle Dominas are pansexual, bisexual and homosexual.

    There are submissive women who need and wish to be submissive to a female Dominant (Domina) in LTR.

    WHY are you not including such groups and individuals here?

    Respondez sil vous plait. 🙂

    • Hi there.

      1) I am not oppressed in any way.

      2) I do this because I enjoy working with women who are with submissive men. You are welcome to join my class and replace the pronouns I use for ones that are more suitable to your tastes. That is really the only difference between what I am doing and what you are requesting.

  • I enjoy when a woman older than I takes the time to train me about pleasing her. I was in a relationship with an Alpha woman, who was over 6ft. tall and operated her own Wealth Management business.
    My friend Katherine, was killed in an accident on a trip to Nepal.
    I was so content pleasing Katherine.

  • Dearest Queenie,

    Thank you for this body of work.

    I am most appreciative of the fact that you specify an FLR can, and in fact IS, perfectly healthy WITHOUT the use of kink. I cannot tell you how many times I discovered that the only thing on the mind of the man who had pronounced undying devotion to me was how soon I would be tying him up in the bedroom (or other rooms). How revolting! As for a chastity device, I believe the best form of chastity (if one wishes to practice such a thing) is proven to be achieved WITHOUT one. It has been my experience that submissive males claiming to want a dominant woman, are really just attempting to control by means of “topping” their partner through manipulations of various sorts. Who is truly “dominant” in that case? I subscribe to the idea that men’s minds have a certain capacity and think in a way that is much different than a woman’s; and we should each function as we are better suited in a relationship.

    All good energy to you and all those here.
    Your friend and fellow sojourner

    • I appreciate these sentiments. I agree with you completely and I look forward to getting to know you better in my FLR Community.

  • This right here. This is what I want to support as a man, and be a part of: exactly what you described. You nailed it right on the head.

    I think that when submissive men who are kinky realize what the kinks they have represent: the need to find fulfillment through service and even obedience to the woman they love… that the kinks will fall away or become unimportant. This is what I realized about myself, but I have not found the right woman to serve, yet.

    This isn’t to say that some light kink can’t be fun occasionally, but for my part, I want nothing to do with anything humiliating or painful, even if I did participate once in a blue moon. At any rate, it can become a distraction from the real goal, which for me is to devote myself entirely to someone, and allow them to lead me so that I can better serve them – not because I believe they are superior, or somehow more valuable than me, or something else degrading.

    I want to support this website because it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Other FLR websites seem to me like they invariably revert to the “kink” model of things where one party enjoys humiliation or pain, and the other enjoys inflicting it. I think that this causes damage whether we want to admit it or not.

  • Thank you for putting this info together in a way that can be applied in real life and not just in the bedroom. This is exactly what I need to present this lifestyle to my wife. We’ve been slowly moving in this direction just recently and our marriage has gone from stale and lifeless to vibrant and rewarding. My wife is gradually coming around to the idea of how it is good for both of us to concentrate on her sexual pleasure and rationing my orgasms to once a month (my idea which was a pleasant surprise to her). I’ve been helping with the chores the last few weeks going from 0% to 25% (it’s only been about a month so I’m still working on doing more). I think the real key is the orgasm rationing, it’s taken the focus off of me and put the focus on my wife, not just in the bedroom but in more aspects of real life. My daily headaches are gone, I sleep better at night, my depression is non-existent, we bicker less and are much more affectionate than ever before. Our 27 year marriage has improved dramatically and I’m looking forward to more improvements as we both get more comfortable in our new roles. Thank you so much, this probably saved us from spending the rest of our lives in a dismal state with no hope for the future.

    • Hi! You should enroll in our training program! Its fun and will help her a lot. Try the women’s coaching.

      • I just discovered this site today and am looking forward to exploring it at length, including the training academies. I just need to be careful about how I present this to my wife. I don’t want to scare her away if she thinks it’s a kinky site. I love the way this site is set up in a realistic manner that is not kinky or threatening. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

        • I took care of that issue by creating a completely non kinky site with the same information just told in a non threatening way. Check out It has the same info about the coaching and everything. I created this for men just like you. I hope you like it!

          • Thanks for the link, the site looks great. Looking forward to exploring it. I’m in a rush to share it with my wife but I know it needs to be at a pace she is comfortable with. I can see it is written in a way that she will be comfortable with, she’s not interested in being a dominatrix and neither am I. This looks to be something that many people could get on board with, just need to be more open minded. Thanks again!

  • Hello!

    Did you receive my previous email?

    I am waiting for your answer.

    Best wishes,
    Linda Raley

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