6 Responses to “DIVORCE COURT: Is She Selfish Or Is She Right?

  • I think the title says it all. They are not in a female led relationship from what it appears in the video, they are in an abusive relationship.

    I have always been attracted to alpha women because they are confident, empowered and don’t need someone to take care of them. If the guy got hit by a bus she would starve.

    In an FLR the woman is in charge and the man supports her and accepts her guidance. They both know that they can accomplish so much more together than apart.

    The women in the video is not a Goddess. She doesn’t bring anything to the relationship. They are not accomplishing anything. She isn’t guiding him and he is not in awe of her.

    In an FLR a woman can stay home and the man can work or vice versa. That is not what makes her selfish. What makes her selfish is that the guy works 12 hours a day and then comes home and cleans and cook’s dinner for their kids.

    It sounds like not only is she neglecting her husband she is also neglecting her kids. They have to wait until dad gets home in order to eat.

    All of the alpha women I know have always been career driven and never needed a man to earn money for them. They were always self-made women.

    The women in the video can’t be bothered to even get a part time job to pay for all of her superficial and material items, since they make you work until five and she has things to do.
    She even says that he should get a third job even after he already works half of the day.

    In my opinion she is no different than a findom that only wants money and doesn’t care for the guy in her life. There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between them, they are not in a loving FLR. What she is looking for is a sugar daddy.

  • Would i want to be with a woman like this? No definitely not. She is selfish, lazy and totally undeserving of anyone’s respect. She is not leading her partner – she is taking complete advantage of him. To me, a strong alpha female does not need a man to look after her and prides herself on being independent and able to support herself. And makes sure her man knows it in order to dispel any residual male pride he may have. It actually helps if the woman earns more than the man, again reinforcing the point that she will never be dependent on him while showing him she is the chief bread winner and helping him learn his place as she is very clearly head of the household. A strong independent self respecting proud women is one to be adored and is worthy or worship as she will in turn respect and appreciate the man who does. The woman in question here is completely lacking in self respect so how could any one worship her?

  • I think this type of woman appeals to a certain type of man, this man was not interested in that type of relationship. Cant fault him because MOST men would think she is unreasonable, but there are alot of men who would love being with her.

  • I haven’t watched the video, so going solely off off of what is presented as summary, I am in agreement, however it isn’t realistic if she genuinely loves him. I haven’t watched the video, therefore I can’t see her demeanor. If he were to undertake this, he would need additional assistance in the form of a maid or she would have to assume some tasks. Where the children are concerned, if he’s taking caring of all else she can/should see to the basic care of the children if she’s at home.

    Overtime, he would not be fit enough to serve her and may eventually become useless in all areas. Love shouldn’t want this.

    • It makes me smile to see you enjoying the content so much! Keep reading! Oh, join the Coaching program next month we will have lots of fun!

  • I must respectfully disagree with the comments, although I’m relatively new to FLR. Except for the childcare part, I have no problem with everything else mentioned, as long as the husband doesn’t really work 12 hours a day, as suggested by Gsphoto, and that the “conditions of marriage” were clearly agreed to ahead of time.

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